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Джэкоби и Дэйв о новом альбоме.........

Перевод далее.
"It's like a meat locker 'cause there's just hooks everywhere.I'm not lying.

It's the best album we've recorded to date. That was really the big difference between any of the other records that we've made, which is that we jammed together for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and really just dug deep within ourselves and tried to push things forward artistically. We felt like we could do anything because nobody was listening at that point.

We found sides of our band that are so different than anything we've done previously but that are so powerful. Definitely true to Papa Roach form, we always evolve. That's what keeps this band alive.

It really brought us outside of how we normally function," drummer Dave Buckner said. "Normally we'll head to a practice spot and then at the end of every day go home to our families. This basically forced ... Читать дальше »

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