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Greetings from South Korea! [ Tuesday 25 April 2006 - 02:31:24 ]
сорри,пока перевода нету,сложно переводить када американцы пишут коверкая слова и с фразеологизмами...
Following up on the vote we have in progress, "Coffin Nail" has the most votes so far and as a result of that, we are offering it for download.
This is from the Seoul concert, which was the day before the Camp Essayons gig during their visit in South Korea.

If you haven't voted yet, please do so to have your voice heard for the next video. You can find the poll on the right side of the site. Now, enjoy!

вот так...

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Hello peeps.
As promised we bring you something really special. This is the first video from Papa Roach's performance for the soldiers in Camp Essayons, South Korea in January this year. Check it out in the download section, and you can also request the next video to be uploaded from this show. just use the poll we have created here on the front page.

See ya

кароч,тут мона скачать видео их выступления как я понял перед солдатами,45 мб.


Вперёд и с песней!

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Сегодня мы открылись,итак,наш сайт о группе pApA rOACh начинает работу!
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